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About Me

Introducing Me

Hey y’all! Gina here...
Please allow me to quickly introduce myself - Having a young and entrepreneurial spirit, I caught myself moving to Texas back in 2015 from the beautiful and indulging City of Seattle. Originally being from Buffalo, NY (Go Bills!), I just had to get a taste of the different design cultures across the nation – and while in Seattle I was also fortunate to meet my super hunky hubs, who was also en route to the Great South!

Soon thereafter, I moved to Texas and worked with an amazing, award winning company where I was a part of their Graphic Design, Marketing, and Branding team. Oh, I also got engaged, bought a house, said wedding vows, had a major surgery, and all the while was able to start my own company! Can I get an Amen? 

So why am I here do you ask? Well anyone who has a creative bone in their body knows the sky is the limit, and there are never enough watercolors to paint, logos to create and fresh brands to make beautiful. This is a space for me to meet new people, interact with creative souls, and lay my artwork on the line for critique and encouragement. I truly hope that this will bring more aspects of life that can inspire both you and me.
Enjoy your time – message for requests - and please DM or e-mail me for inquires or just to say hi! I look forward to hearing from you and hearing your stories!

xoxo Gina


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